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You have discovered an incredible domain that is available for purchase or lease. With flexible purchase options, you can find the best option to suit your needs or simply lease the domain for any amount of time.


PURCHASE: Buy this domain and you get it transferred to your account immediately. That means you can use it right away! No need to wait 7 days like at other domain registrars. This domain currently resides at the registrar, Epik, and all transactions (including payment and transfer) is handled through Epik. This means it is more efficient, saving time and money, and allowing us to provide the domain cheaper. CryptoCurrencies are accepted at Epik, too!


MONTHLY FINANCING: Do you want to pay monthly towards ownership (AKA monthly financing)? That's no problem. It's already setup for it. Simply choose the START A PAYMENT PLAN FOR $XX.XX + OWN IN XX MONTHS, then checkout.


LEASE OPTION: Want to lease the domain? Some people like the leasing option in order to reserve the name and keep it off the market. Some want to lease simply to use it for a few months. For whatever your reason, you can lease the domain with low monthly payments. You also have the option to buy at any time while you are leasing it. You can lease the domain for any amount of time, 1 month or more. Let the domain owner know of a set amount of time (ex. 6 months) or you simply stop paying the monthly charge when you want to stop leasing it and it reverts back to us. Feel free to contact the domain owner with questions and to setup the lease option. It's easy to do and replaces the monthly financing option when purchasing.


LEASING COST: The lease option is 1.5% of the domain buy-now price, with a minimum of $10/mo.


Buy Now Price < $670 = $10/mo lease
Buy Now Price >= $667 = 1.5% of the Buy Now Price is the lease per month


How many months? You can lease for 1 month or more. Let the domain owner know how many or they will setup a 60 month term by default. Don't worry, simply stop paying and the domain reverts back to the owner.


Simply contact the domain owner and let them know to setup monthly financing towards a purchase. You can even enjoy the use of the domain while you pay! You can choose how many months to pay, just let the domain owner know and he can change the purchase form. It's real easy and not a problem. Please note the change as seen below.


Lease wording on the purchase page: START A PAYMENT PLAN FOR $XX.XX + OPTION TO BUY FOR $XXXX.
Monthly Financing wording on the purchase page: START A PAYMENT PLAN FOR $XX.XX + OWN IN XX MONTHS


Choose: The purchasing options are there. Choose the one that suits you and begin using the domain immediately. To lease, please contact the domain owner and let them know. Do not wait, everyday people are looking to find a great domain name. Grab your favorite(s) today!


Epik: You will notice that this domain uses for all transactions for this domain. This is for multiple reasons. Upon verification of payment, you immediately receive the domain. No need to wait a week or more. The low commission at Epik also allows you to get the best price. This domain is listed on other marketplaces, but you will always find the best price here. In most cases, you can immediately transfer the domain over to your favorite registrar. The only issue is whether or not the domain is under a 2 month registar lock. (The domain owner can let you know.)


Payment Options: Payment is handled through Epik. Typical payment methods are accepted: major credit cards, bank wire, and even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin! If you have questions, read below.


Questions: Have questions? Contact the domain owner and ask. It's no problem. You should receive a response within 24 hours.


Have a great day!


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